Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Film Festival

I'm very excited - I have tickets to see a couple of films in the London Film Festival.
Ultimately, all that means is that I'll be going to the cinema in the middle of the day, which I could do anyway, and I have to pay a tenner for my ticket instead of about half that if I waited for the films to be at my local. But it feels special. It's a festival! Fiesta! Ole!
And guess what? One of the films I'm going to see is 'Melinda and Melinda' - the latest offering from Woody Allen. I've heard it's a 'return to form' or at least, 'less rubbish that his other recent stuff'.
I'll let you all know.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Woody Allen is a bit iffy these days.
I do remember loving Manhatten. I also liked the feel of Stardust Memories. I just saw Interiors on tv- his homage to Ingmar Bergman-ended badly and I am not sure the casting was what it could have been.
I see Ray is opening here on the 29th.

Joe said...

'Ray' is in the London Film Festival! I can't believe it - I might actually get to see this film much sooner than I expected. That's if I can get tickets...