Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Eighty cm!

Vindication comes my way at last - of sorts.
Remember the Badger episode? A badger had a fight with my car a while ago, causing untold damage and therefore expense. I maintained that the beast was THAT big (hold hands up just wider than the width of your shoulders) and my girlfriend said - repeatedly - don't be silly, there's no such thing as a badger that size, it was only THAT big (hold hands up as if you're about to clap). OK, it was dark and we only saw the thing for a moment (if I'd seen it for longer I would have been able to avoid driving into it, wouldn't I?) and it didn't stick around after the accident (my car was battered more than the badger, I think) so only this evening did I find out:
Badgers can grow up to 8Ocm long! And they can weigh between eight and twelve kilograms!
So it's entirely possible that the badger I drove over was THAT big. Aren't you pleased?
Now as for the fish I caught...


Anonymous said...

Joe, you hit that thing at Christmasand you're still ruminating about it !
Either go make some soup or go read in the bathroom
Calm down cowboy!

Joe said...

OK, fair enough. I suppose I should move on!

Anonymous said...

I think dad's onion soup or mom's chicken soup is due. They would pamper you I am sure.