Thursday, September 23, 2004

Walk of Fame

Billy Joel just received a star on the 'Walk of Fame'. Well done Billy. Is it right to say that he 'received' it? He can't take it home with him, can he? Maybe he's just allowed to visit it and walk on it sometimes. It seems a little strange to me that as an accolade you get your name on a paving stone so people can walk all over it. It's a little too similar to those ancient slabs you get on the floors of churches, telling you who's buried under your feet. Some churches are so full it's impossible to avoid walking on someone!
What's the etiquette there? Do you tip-toe? Do you walk boldly across, but only once you've read the inscription? Is it best to only walk over the oldest ones, as if it would hurt less if you've been dead longer? Maybe in some cultures it's a mark of respect to stomp all over someone's final resting place.
And is the etiquette the same with the Walk of Fame? Maybe you should only walk across the stars whose careers are dead. Though I suppose the difference is that Sylvester Stallone's career isn't actually buried under his star.

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