Monday, September 27, 2004


I haven't played a real game of Monopoly for about 14 years. Recently I started playing the version that came on my new phone, which was great. Then my sister also upgraded her phone and started playing too. Once we were both all fired up about the game again, I managed to persuade her to break her lifelong pledge, and to play a real game with me.
We broke the padlock on the cabinet and dusted off the old set. If I'd seen 'Jumanji' I might say it was like a scene from that, but the idea of playing Monopoly with Robin Williams is probably scarier than the idea of playing with me.
Anyway, once we got started, it was like we were kids again. All the old paranoia, a persecution complex, one-upmanship, and making deals that include passing the box of chocolates. One of us (I won't say who) even threatened to leave the game if she didn't get her own way on a trade.
But you know what? It was actually quite fun. We laughed a lot, and treated most of our injuries without an ambulance.
Oh, and my girlfriend thrashed us both.


Anonymous said...

anything to do with money and a family member can be dangerous. Good thing your girlfriend was there

Joe said...

You should see the blood on the carpet after we've played poker.