Monday, September 27, 2004

Words per Mento

As promised, I can now bring you all the stats on the literary power of Mentos.
Turns out that they are far more potent than shortbread, especially when you take into account the fact that each Mento is far smaller than a shortbread biscuit. So if you want to talk about WpGpM/S (Words per Gram per Mento/Shortbread) then let's go there. For the time being, though, let me tell you that each Mento produced in me a writing fervour of about...
At that rate, it will take fewer than 9O Mentos for me to finish the entire novel. Of course, I don't have 9O Mentos, and I think the most potent flavours (in terms of words produced) were the ones that aren't available in the UK. I remember one Strawberry Mento virtually writing a chapter by itself.
So that puts a lot of responsibility on you guys. If you want me to ever finish my second novel, you have to stock up on Mentos, and get them to me any way you can.
It's practically your duty.

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