Thursday, December 11, 2014

Three New Short Story Thrillers for your E-book Device, Kindle, iPad, Phone, Etchasketch or Whatever You Read Stuff On These Days

A few years ago I put out a very short book called Lifters, about a brother-sister pickpocket team who get caught up in a conspiracy of organised crimed, snipers, free-running and betrayal. It was only 3,000 words long (about the length of a chapter in a Jimmy Coates book) and it did better than I ever thought it would, showing that there was more demand than anyone expected for stories that were very short, but had all the action and suspense of a full thriller.

I've written 3 new short thrillers and they're available as e-books from today.

I'll be blogging a little about each story in turn between now and Christmas but for now, admire the amazing covers designed for me by Uberpup:

Save the Human
Alien invasion and extreme storms threaten the human race. Jay and Emma are fighting their way to the safety of a bunker. But it’s too late. The Zorbs are coming. 

Head Strong
Jed finds an ancient helmet embedded in the earth. The original owner wants it back – even when time and space are in the way.

The Mendack Affair
Judd wants more from life than being a window cleaner, like his dad. On his last job, he looks through the wrong window and glimpses something he’s not meant to see. A secret somebody is prepared to kill for.

The stories are loosely linked, but only by their general themes and outlook on life. So you can read them in any order. I hope you like them. If you do, feel free to leave a review and, of course, spread the word...

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