Thursday, November 14, 2013

Come and have afternoon tea with me...

I'm auctioning myself off for charity.

It's not quite that simple, but that's the headline, so if that's all you need, just click on this link and get bidding:

If you need a little more than that...

A whole load of authors are raising money for The Philippines. I've teamed up with the amazing and delightful Holly Smale (author of Geek Girl) and we're going to take one of YOU out for tea at my favourite tea place, Drink Shop & Do, in Kings Cross, London. That's where I do most of my writing and the afternoon tea is very cool.

Obviously if you don't live in London, this is suddenly a slightly less interesting blog post for you. Sorry about that. We can't fly you here from wherever you are in the world, but maybe we can find a way of emailing you some cake instead.

And I've promised that if the bidding reaches £500 I'll throw in an utterly worthless doodle of Holly and me. It'll look something like this, but if I get time (and the bidding goes high enough) I might try to do something slightly better...

So if you want to meet up with two authors to talk about writing, get some tips, gossip or just cake, it's worth bidding for us. Do take a look at the other items in the auction as well. There's some great stuff there. (I've just bid to have the next Young James Bond book dedicated to Jimmy Coates...)

(PS it doesn't have to be just one of you... if you have kids you want to bring or you are a kid and you want to bring a parent or a couple of mates I'm sure we can sort that out. Obviously within reason. You can't bring your whole school. Hmm. I might have to limit this. Up to 4 people? Does that sound OK...? I'll consult with Holly...)

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