Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bookbuzz 2012


Buzzy day.

I'm buzzing.


Ooh, it's a list of books! And you can choose a free one - if you're a Yr 7 student this September.

So why am I all buzzy? Because my book, LIFTERS, is on the list!

What a wonderful thing that is. I will reward myself with a bowl of honey.

Here's the BOOKBUZZ list:

I'm a little stunned about this, to be honest. I wrote LIFTERS a little under-the-radar so I've been amazed by the support from readers, teachers and librarians who've discovered it. I hope this list means more people might check it out and find something they like in it. It's only a very short book, but I took as much care over crafting it as I have over any full-length novel (more, in fact). I hope there's as much meat in it as there is in those novels too. It just uses fewer words.

I'm very proud of LIFTERS, so a huge thank you to Booktrust for choosing it for the Bookbuzz 2012 list.

Honey time.

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