Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Three Years of Words

Ravensbourne School is somewhere in Kent and it's a great place - I've visited four times now. It's always a fun visit with lots of creativity and a lovely warm welcome.

Not only do they invite me to visit, but they also have a WORD OF THE WEEK. And I've just seen the collection of all the words they've chosen over the last 3 years.

I would like to present them to you now. There are two ways of looking at this list: cast your eye up and down to see which words stick out, which ones you know, which you don't, which you recognise etc. OR imagine that it's a poem and read it, aloud, from beginning to end, in the voice of a classically trained ACTORRRRRRR.

Your choice.

I haven't changed the order of the words, I've just put in a few line breaks (and one set of brackets - I like a little joke, y'see). Look out for the two main characters of this story: a gaunt, comprehensible ombudsman who falls in love with an obstreperous, mercurial contortionist. They flirt (innuendo) until one of them discovers the other is a pulchritudinous bigot. This makes their affair tempestuous.


Plagiarism imbibe daimonic persistence
confuddled oxymoron
optimism hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia onomatopoeia
Zoroastrianism ubuntu skedaddle procrastinate skulduggery pontificate


infinitesimal narthex tercentenary pusillanimous aesthetic


discombobulate Machiavellian abstemious ostensibly fanfaronade
verisimilitude flibbertigibbet kerosene panacea exemplary (subliminal) invigorate
desolation rhapsodomancy cathartic aiguillette peripatetic xanthippe
omphaloskepsis endorphin ridiculous recalcitrant paracrostic serendipity purloin

gaunt comprehensible ombudsman

obstreperous mercurial contortionist

deipnosophist innuendo
prodigy reticence laurel tintinnabulation exacerbate

pulchritudinous bigot

cinephilia tempestuous koniosis envisage loquacious apprehensive erroneously
enigma idiosyncrasy triskaidekaphobia confuffled monotonous faux pas bilious
daguerreotype volition bathophobia hubbub
antagonising attribute epicycloid kudos

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