Friday, July 30, 2010

It gets interesting with Gouda

I have a new phone. In fact I am attempting to blog from my phone right now. And actually? The full story is that I got one new phone (htc) but it was rubbish (in every way) so this osmyswvond new phone (iPhone) and it is not rubbish ( it's actually pretty good). One of the big differences between the two phones was the range of applications (apps) that you can download.

The iphone has many. Some are useless, some a brilliant. Some... well I just found one called "cheese or font".

It's a quiz game where you have to identify whether a name given to you by your phone refers to a cheese or a font. Yes, a font. As in, a type of lettering. Or a cheese. As in... cheese.

I have chosen not to download this app, though I'm sure it's brilliant. In fact I know it's brilliant because people review apps and this one has lots of five star reviews. My favourite review tells us everything we need to know about "cheese or font":

"I love it. This app gives literally seconds of entertainment."

there's a kind of poetry in that review. I don't want to spoil it by analysing all the many different ways it makes me shudder.

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Jeni said...

Curiouser and curiouser. I'm on the look out for a new phone (this'll be my first upgrade in five years, even then I don't think I'll buy one any time soon -- the old one still works!), but I'm hearing similar things of Android v. iPhone.

Those that like the former dislike the latter. Those that like the latter dislike the former.

Considering iTunes makes me want to BURN IT WITH FIRE and the iPhone gets on my nerves (long story, I have one, but it's not mine), I suspect Android it might be for me. Hmmm. Possibly the Nexus One, because I just can't resist joining Google's Clone Army in world domination. Will test before I buy, of course.

Will also get job before I buy. Hahahah.

Also, I recommend any Monkey Island app, because Monkey Island is awesome.

"I love it. This app gives literally seconds of entertainment."

Sniff. It's just beautiful.