Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waterloo. I was defeated, you won the war.

I'm enjoying the staffroom at Balgowen Primary School.

I was invited here by one of the students in Year 5, who convinced the Headmaster that I was a good person to have in the school. I like to think I'm living up to that billing, though I did cause a bit of chaos at lunch time. I convinced the catering staff to feed me a lamb burger AND the vegetable nuggets.

They were most accommodating of my insane genius.

This morning I had a great session with Year 5 & 6. They threw some awesome ideas at me, including a broken vase full of grandpa's ashes, an invasion of giant dinosaurs and a plague of killer pig-fish spreading swine flu - oh wait, actually that last one came from me.

This afternoon I'm fitting in a sneaky session with Year 4 at which I hope to sing, dance, spin plates, improvise some poetry and tell a joke involving a monkey. I like to set myself targets.

The atmosphere here in the staffroom is relaxed but industrious, happy but focussed. It's two minutes before the bell goes and I haven't heard a single groan about going back to work - that's a very good sign. I did, however, hear something about a performance of the songs of ABBA.

Don't get the impression I have anything against ABBA. In my humble opinion, their catalogue contains some of the best (and most sophisticated) pop songs ever written. However, I'm not sure that even the songs of ABBA can withstand the assault of a primary school singalong.

Maybe I'm doing the school an injustice. I certainly have nothing to base this on. I'm just imagining it, and in my imagination it's about as pretty as giant alien dinosaurs spreading grandpa's ashes over a plate of vegetable nuggets.

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