Friday, March 19, 2010

Surrey Children's Book Festival and Questions With Kasper

The Surrey Children's Book Festival entertained me greatly today and I hope I was fairly entertaining for my audiences at Staines Library and Virginia Water Library.

A few flashes of what I remember, to help build the picture of the day:

-Woman in Costa Coffee looked exactly like Madeleine Albright. I mean exactly. Uncanny. Just sitting there, sipping on some coffee, chatting away in a shopping centre in Staines. Shouldn't you be sorting out some important political thing in America? I didn't actually say that to her. I just stared.

-Artwork on the wall of the children's section in Staines Library: four print outs of teddy bears to colour in. None of them coloured in, except for one, which was violently scribbled across in brown. There was a dark, Damien Hirst flavour to the whole thing.

I have vague memories of going off on a lengthy, improvised tangent about a superhero called Cappucino Kid. Nothing more on that one, just that it happened.

-A Year 6 fan called Kasper has so many great questions - and such impressive attention to detail - that he came up to the front and took over. We created 'Questions with Kasper' - a new chat show format. Went down very well, until I got a bit jealous that most of the questions from the floor were for Kasper. Mostly about his mum, for some reason. Turns out she's writing a cookery book.

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