Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ray's Day

It's Ray Charles' birthday today*.

I'm really pleased to say that I didn't miss the chance to mark the occasion. I was at Queen's College in London to talk to the students about my songwriting and I performed half a dozen songs of mine, including my little tribute to the genius, a tune called 'If Ray Charles...'**.

A big hi to everyone I met at QC this morning. It's a real treat for me to be able to go into a school and do something involving my music and songwriting (especially on such a lovely grand piano) as opposed to my usual book-orientated routine. You were such a great audience, so thank you for the warm-welcome and friendly reception.

I mentioned the books, of course, but mostly it was a big, cheesy music-fest full of boy-band ballads and pseudo-emo, singer-songwriter, heart-wrenching smulch. That's my niche.

*Or should I say the anniversary of his birth? How long is it after somebody's death that their birthday becomes the anniversary of their birth?

**I think there's a version of it on itunes if you search for 'Joseph Craig Ray Charles'.

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