Friday, June 26, 2009

101 Great Reasons Not To Get On A Boat

I'm about to head off to the Isle of Wight for a Spy School/Writing Workshop day tomorrow.

I'm more apprehensive about this trip than I usually am about travelling - because this one involves a BOAT. Yes, I know it's only a 15 minute crossing, but it's still a BOAT.

This is a big deal for me. I'll be taking plenty of medication to get me through it. I might arrive a bit spaced out and wobbly.

I would much, much rather not be going on a BOAT. If there were the option of nipping across in a small plane I would do that. Or even canoeing. Love canoeing. Hate BOATS.

I'm sure I'll be fine and make it across without too much MASSIVE SEASICKNESS. But then I'll immediately start thinking about the crossing back the other way, of course.

Meanwhile, I was delighted to find out from Sam Enthoven that we're both on Leicester City Council's list of 101 Recommended Reads. Check it out:

And I promised you some thought about Michael Jackson, didn't I?

They will come, but I'm still in shock.

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