Friday, May 01, 2009


So here I am at Plymstock School, in Plymouth, next to a huge and very silvery Jimmy Coates display that they'd constructed in the library. A big hi to everyone in Plymouth from the three schools I did events for. If you're in Plymouth and you missed me, don't worry - Waterstones now have plenty of signed copies of Jimmy Coates books for you to choose from.

The picture above was taken by David Weir, one of the students at Plymstock, and one of a team of personal assistants and helpers that had been assigned to me for the day. And I'm pleased they were there for me because when I arrived I was still a bit confused from having got out of bed so early to catch the train down there. Without their help I might have ended up wandering about not knowing who I was or what I was meant to be doing.

And where, you ask, is the change in that?

Oh, how amusing you are.

I'm back at home now, ready to crack on with some work, but before I do I have to direct cricket fans to this:

A very entertaining cricket top trumps game. Enjoy.

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