Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chocolate Hunt

I have some very confusing chocolate here. From my brief research (about 40 seconds on google) it appears to be the own brand chocolate bar of a Canadian supermarket.

So how did I get it? And how did I manage to eat the whole thing without realising until it was finished that it might be hard to get another bar?

It's delicious chocolate. Well, it was. For all I know, that was the last bar in existence.

I think I picked it up in a grocery store in Kings Cross, but I'm very worried now that if I try to retrace my steps to find the place again it won't be there and I'll end up in Narnia. I don't want to go to Narnia. I suppose I could go to Canada. That would be more interesting, but possibly also more expensive.

Perhaps, for this chocolate, it's worth it.

No, it probably isn't.

But now it occurs to me that someone who lives in or near this mythical 'Canada' might be reading this. So, have you, or anyone you know, ever seen a Canadian? If so, please as them where I can find a bar of 'Master Choice 72% Cocoa Swiss Dark Chocolate'.

How many of you just internally suggested Switzerland? Ha-de-ha-ha. You're very witty. Give yourself a wittily applied pat in the eye. If you suggested it aloud and there's nobody else in the room with you, apply a pat to both eyes.

On the back of the packet it says 'product of Switzerland, imported for A&P Canada'. Let the search begin!

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to report that my first book is now back in stock at Amazon, which suggests that HarperCollins have finally (after about a month) managed to produce a reprint. Sadly they still haven't managed it (after at least three months) for my fifth book.

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NutmegAngel said...

I don't know about the chocolate, but Amazon can be pretty dodgy. My mum ordered me the new Brian Jacques book (Eulalia) for Christmas the time before last. It came out in September/October. She ordered it November. You'd think that was plenty of time for them to get hold of a copy, especially when they said they had some in stock. Nope. Come late January, we got an e-mail saying 'sorry, we can't find this book for you, you can't have it'. So I was then engaged in a hunt to find a copy, trying just about every store I could think of. Nope, no luck. Until I walked into a library, and there it was, sat on the shelf, smiling at me. I ended up having to wait for the paperback to actually buy it. So I think what I'm trying to say, is that Amazon saying something is in stock a) doesn't mean it is, and b)doesn't necessarily mean anyone's done anything...