Sunday, February 08, 2009


After I told you the title of the final Jimmy Coates book would involve a word beginning with G, there was a tidal wave of guesses. You could even say, a Great Galumph of Guesses. But only if you're really desperate to find G words.

It didn't take as long as I thought it would for someone to guess the correct answer! So congratulations to Matt Price, who suggested a whole string of G words, including 'Gregorian' and 'Googleplex'. But hidden among all those suggestions was...


(Well done to my sister as well, who also guessed it correctly, but she guessed it second, so doesn't win the prize. Which is a relief because it probably would have been a bit silly if I'd ended up having to send a whole set of signed books to my sister. I think conspiracy theorists would have been suspicious.)

Anyway - well done Matt Price. You win a complete set of signed Jimmy Coates books!

I hope you all like the title. I'm excited about it. You may now all start to guess what the plot is. But no prizes on offer. I just want to hear all your ridiculous suggestions. If they involve the creation of the world and the garden of eden, so much the better. If they involve Phil Collins, not so good. Though I do have a lot of respect for Mr Collins as a songwriter and performer. I'm not going to put him in the last Jimmy Coates book. I think that would be strange.


Matt Price said...

I dont know what Jimmy has got up to before, but this time it clearly has to involve apple bobbing at the creation of the world where the fruit gets mixed up and bad things happen.

Rob said...

It's very "Star Trek"!