Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Future Starts... Now. Go! Go on now.

I've just had a birthday, brought in a new year, ordered a new computer, trimmed my nails, made a new 'to-do' list, filled in some events in my new diary, turned on my new heater, sprinkled chilli powder on my newly planted bulbs and made my desk even messier than it usually is.

Yes, it's been quite a week.

I'm a year older, wiser, fatter, better-looking, funnier, more enigmatic and flavoursome.

I also now own a little device that will hopefully enable me to film clips of, um, myself. Other things too, but mainly myself. So I'm hoping to add a very futuristic, 2009-style video element to this old fashioned blog. Let's face it, at the moment this is hardly a step on from a good old palimpsest, so let's shake things up for 2009.

Oh, and can we start calling it 'Twenty-Oh-Nine' instead of 'Two Thousand and Nine'? Please? It's a whole lot quicker and will mea that we're truly used to it when 'Twenty-Ten' comes around.

Because there is absolutely no way I'm even going to consider calling it 'Two Thousand and Ten'. That will use up vital lip and mouth energy that I could save for tasting things.

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