Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gooey, oohey, cooing from Nigella. In Sign Language.

Quite by accident, I've just been watching five minutes of the late-night repeats of Nigella's Christmas Feast, or Feasting with Nigella, or Nigella Does Christmas, or whatever it's called.

She was doing her usual thing - chocolate everywhere, licking her fingers in a suggestive manner, generally cooing and oohing.

But in the late night repeats, there is a friendly lady in the corner of the screen translating everything into sign language. And this lady was very friendly. Turns out Nigella is hilarious in sign language.

Everything she said was not just repeated in sign, but emoted. The sign language lady's face evoked all Nigella's glee, every nuance of naughty suggestiveness. It was brilliant.

And then, as if that wasn't enough, in the moments between Nigella's cooing and oohing, the sign language lady started signing the lyrics to the background music. It was quite extraordinary. Can you picture a lady very enthusiastically signing the lyrics to 'Accentuate the Positive' but having to break off every few seconds to interpret something Nigella has said - something cooey and oohey, possibly something suggestive.

It was one of the most entertaining Christmas shows I've ever seen.

I wish I could have watched the whole show, but, of course, there are three good Test matches going on tonight - the reason I switched the TV on in the first place.

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david santos said...

Great work!