Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Olives and Apes. Damn Dirty Apes!

How many olives can a man safely eat before one of the following:
a) becoming an olive
2) having olivey dreams
iii) wanting more olives than there are in the world

While you're considering that, ponder also this: it's the 40th anniversary of Planet of the Apes!

Take the afternoon off, slip in the DVD and enjoy a classic. I've never forced myself to commit to a definitive top ten movies of all time. A top hundred I could probably do, but a top ten is tough. Nevertheless, Planet of the Apes would be in that top ten. I'd write it down first, in ink, then get it embossed into the notepaper so that it can't possibly be removed. It's just great.

That's all.

It's even good enough to have made me watch other Chartlon Heston movies.

I will not be celebrating the 40th anniversaries of Soylent Green or The Omega Man.

I might, however, be tempted to watch all the Planet of the Ape sequels, back to back, once I've rewatched the original. It's that good. The sequels, however, are not.

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