Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cheesy Bristol

Is it bad that I just accidentally watched five minutes of the British Cheese Awards? I promise it was accident. The Simpsons had just finished, I'd picked up a few minutes of England v India, 1990, on ESPN Classic (highlights of the first Test - total classic. 333 from Graham Gooch).

And then for some reason I found myself flicking onto something called the Horse and Country channel. Which apparently also covers cheese.

Looked like a glitzy bash, the British Cheese Awards. I caught the award for 'Best New Deli'. I was very disappointed that it went to an establishment in Bristol. I don't like in Bristol. How am I meant to get there when it's so far away?

Anyway, hi to everyone at Bushey Meads School. Thanks for the great visit! I had loads of fun with Years 7 and 8 today - and an awesome game of Shlubbudub with the after-school homework club.

Now I'm off to Bristol to find some award-winning cheese.


Sam jacobs said...

hi its me sam (Dark angel) or who won shlubadub at bushey meads have a good trip to bristol. cant wait to read blackout

sam Jacobs said...

p.s your writing room is very messy just like my room