Friday, November 21, 2008

To Do...

Right, now that Jimmy Coates: Blackout has been sent off to HarperCollins, I can turn my attention to all of the things I put off until after I've finished a book.

First of all, there are the school visit, which I try to save up for periods of the years when I have a break from writing. It doesn't always work that way.

You might have noticed (see below) that I've been in Yorkshire this week. I finished off my trip with a couple of great days. I was at Ackworth School today in, um, Ackworth. Hi to everyone there. To mark Enterprise Week I gave a special, one-off talk on the business side of being a writer. Basically: how to make money from a book idea.

I love talking about money.

Next week, the Joe Craig roadshow rolls on to a few more schools. More about them when the time comes. For now, there's plenty to think about:

Going to the bank, dropping in at the post-office, writing on my blog (oh wait...), responding to all the emails that readers have sent me that have stacked up over the last few weeks, replying to comments and messages on my bebo page, socialising (some of my friends still exist! Some of them are still my friends! Cool!), playing snooker (got to get back into serious training for the World Championships 2015, tinkering with my Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe, playing the piano for hours and hours on end, cooking, eating...

It's a great time to be a writer.

Then of course there's the most exciting thing of all: planning out the final Jimmy Coates book.

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