Thursday, November 13, 2008

'E9' didn't have such a good ring to it.

It's important to divide up the work of writing a novel into lots of smaller stages. Don't look at the whole mountain, just think about the next few steps. If you look at the whole mountain, it's a bit scary.

Just as important as dividing up the whole thing into stages, is to name the stages. The more stages, and therefore the more names, the better.

Ideally, the stages will have official sounding names. That way when you complete a stage you can feel like you've really achieved something.

For example, just now I completed stage E8. That sounds pretty impressive doesn't it? I bet you haven't completed anything as important as E8 tomorrow. Even better, it means that tomorrow I'll be starting work on stage F1.

I bet you're scared of me now. You're thinking, there goes a man who has not only completed E8 (probably in record time to a very exacting standard), but he's also not afraid to take on the task of F1. Woah. What a guy.

Yup, that's what you're thinking. I can tell from all the way over here.

Well, it's a good view from the top of E8. I can tell you, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Some day soon, when Jimmy Coates: Blackout is complete, I'll look back at E8 and laugh. Ha. How could that ever have intimidated me?! (That's what I'll say, possibly wearing a velvet dressing gown and puffing out my mutton chops.)

Bring on F1.

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