Thursday, September 25, 2008

Website Grows Up, Gets New Suit, Loses Annoying Mates Who Kept Popping Up Unwanted. But Are They Ever Really Gone...?

Have I done it? Really? Have I? Have I finally managed to get rid of the pop up ads on my website?

I think... maybe... after three years of trying (and three years of paying)... I've finally done it!

This might be the single greatest internet achievement of the age.

And all it took was an accident of curiosity.

(Having said all this, I'm not holding my breath. For all I know the pop ups are back already.)

Anyway, the result is a funky new look for the Joe Craig website and better integration (ooh, fancy) between the 'Joe Craig' bits of the website and the 'Jimmy Coates' bits. If you're interested, or even if you just want to see whether the pop ups are back, check out the new look:

There is a bit of new content up there as well, but to celebrate the launch of the new book next week I'm going to be putting up a whole new batch of stuff. In particular there'll be new trivia to enhance your reading pleasure of JIMMY COATES: POWER...

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