Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Which Jerry and Elaine Have To Break Out Of Fox River Penitentiary Over And Over Again

My new Satnav arrived. If you're in the States, that's a GPS system. And if you're in the States, I now know exactly how to get to you.

I'm very excited about having Satnav, but also pleased that I grew up before it was invented, so through necessity I've learned my way around London. I'm no London cabbie, but I can find my way to a few key places, including 'home' and 'the sushi place'.

Curiously, my new Satnav arrived in the same week as my new Atlas. So now I am truly ready for my global adventures.

Even more curiously it is also the same week in which I have found myself with a cold - the kind of cold that makes me feel like never leaving the house, embedding myself in the sofa, covering myself with a blanket and watching episodes of Seinfeld and Prison Break alternately for 12 hours. Then eat, sleep, repeat as required.

As if that wasn't curious enough, it is ALSO the same week that I have a newfound desire NOT to travel the world. I know it won't last forever, but for the next few weeks at least I will be telling people that I will be delighted to never leave the British Isles again (except for the occasional trip to Las Vegas).

This change of heart came about as a direct result of my trip to India.

About which, the less said the better.

I'm going to curl up on the sofa with a Lemsip, my new Satnav and my new Atlas and take great delight in working out precisely how I would get to wherever I'm never going to go.

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