Monday, July 07, 2008

Wimbledon again and, I promise, for the last time this year

After all my complaints about the tennis - the BBC coverage, the out-dated on-court warm-up - Nadal and Federer then went and played the most amazing game of tennis there has surely ever been.

It was mesmerising. But I still maintain that it was fantastic to watch despite the coverage. Where was the hawk-eye analysis? Where was the insight from the commentators? Even the montage-set-to-music at the very end was dreadful.

Sky Sports has taken the sports montage several notches higher. The job they did on the England/New Zealand One Day series was funny, moving, surprising, artistic, informative...

But I digress.




Oh wait, one more thing before I finally put Wimbledon to bed. I have to talk about the Women:

Serena and Venus Williams played a stonking final against each other, then a few hours later came out and pounded seven bells out of their opposition in the doubles final. Which leads me to ask...

Isn't it time we ended the tradition of the women only playing best-of-three set matches? The top players are clearly more than capable of playing five sets of highest quality tennis. And if they're not, they should be.

It's a sexist anachronism to assume that the best female athletes can't cut it over a five set match.

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