Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Mystery of the Very Successful Series of Books, with a Side-Order of Plato

Jimmy Coates: Survival leapt up the Amazon chart today - in fact every book in the series did, but JC:Survival jumped the highest.

That usually means the Jimmy Coates series, or at least one of the books, was mentioned somewhere - in the press, on the radio, or even on TV. The mystery is that I have no idea where it was mentioned, or even if my assumption is right this time. Though I can't imagine why the series would have had such a sudden surge in sales if is hasn't been mentioned anywhere.

I spent a few minutes searching online this afternoon, but there's only so long you can spend googling yourself, and usually these things don't show up online straight away. A mention on the radio wouldn't show up at all unless I knew exaclty what I was looking for. Which I don't.

(If we don't know the information we're looking for, how do we know when we've found it, but if we do know the information we're looking for, then why are we looking for it in the first place?)

Anyway, back to my point: did any of you notice any mention anywhere?

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