Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blood of Pig

Ever have those weeks when you dream you've been travelling round the country visiting schools to promote your new book and talk to kids about writing? Then you reach the end of the week and you wake up on Sunday morning with something in your coat pocket that tells you... it wasn't a dream after all...?!

You have? Then tell me this: why were you sleeping in your coat?

Anyway, I want to send out the start of an epic Mexican wave to everybody at Queen Katherine School in Kendal, Cheadle Hulme School, Woodkirk High School, Birkenshaw Middle School and everybody I met at the Lancashire Libraries event at Thornton Little Theatre.

It's been a fun week. Lots of black pudding. I always have lots of black pudding when I'm staying at hotels. It gives me energy for my events, and I need plenty of that. Now I'm home, though, I feel like I need to detox from the black pudding madness. (Do you think if I mention black pudding enough the ads at the top of the page will be for black pudding related products? What would those products be...?)

I'll have a few tales to tell from my travels, so I'll be posting them up over the next few days. I woudln't want to give you all the excitement all at once. I take more of a drip-feed approach. Ooh, now that's an idea - a black pudding drip-feed so I can have my energy boosts during school events.

I feel the future coming.

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