Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First Fukubukuro

I don't know whether you followed my link to read about THIS, but in case you didn't:

This online electronics store (a very good one, by the way) was clearing out its warehouse, so they were offering a mystery box of any three random items for £2.99. It could have bought you almost anything: strange items they didn't want to sell any more, items they couldn't shift, items they only had a few of left so it wasn't worth listing them on the site... anything. Three mystery items. £2.99.

So I ordered one.

It arrived the next day:
Want to see inside? Here you go:

For £2.99.

Yes, it's one of those CD players with two decks so you can DJ on CD.

There are a couple of smaller items in there too - several phone chargers for an as yet unidentified brand of mobile phone (for the man who has several cars and an unidentified mobile, of course) and a 20 CD wallet.

So now I'm going to go somewhere with 20 albums (I don't know where), charging my mobile phone on the way (though I don't know what sort of phone), and when I get there I'm going to, ahem, rock the house.


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