Monday, March 03, 2008

Jimmy Coates: Octopus Jewels

A huge thank you to everybody who came to see me today at Jewish Book Week. I was so relieved to see a full room!

I felt like my rambling was a little more crazy than usual today. Maybe it was the warm atmosphere, the warm room, or the warm radio mic buzzing in my pocket. Just general warmness, really. Or, as we earthlings say, 'warmth'.

I hope at least some of what I said made sense to some of you and that I didn't accidentally slip into one of the two foreign languages that I speak fluently (gibberish and gobble-de-gook).

And I hope those of you that turned up thinking I was Jacqueline Wilson weren't too disappointed. Sometimes I think I'm Jacqueline Wilson as well. And some days I think I'm standing up in front of a whole room of people telling a story about a barin-eating octopus who's hidden some precious jewels in the chemical make-up of a box of chocolates, because he's working for a criminal mastermind in the form of a cat called Jeremy. And only Jimmy's powers of geometry will save him.

Um... that seems to be the memory that I have of today. But that can't really be what happened. If you were there and you remember any of the very sensible things I really talked about, please let me know. Because it can't possibly have been the octopus. Could it...?

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