Thursday, March 06, 2008

How do you say 'Harrodian' in Spanish?

Happy World Book Day, people. Enjoying your day? Enjoying your books? Enjoying your... um... world?

That didn't really work, did it? Oh well.

I was The Harrodian School in Barnes today to celebrate WBD with them. You know what - it was a lot of fun. I really felt welcome and well looked after. I met about 400 of the students I think, (a massive 'wotcha' to all of you) and they came up with some excellent story ideas. Especially the army of killer pandas. Loved that. And the alien chickens commanded by a giant, eye-brow shaving clown - yeah, that one was pretty good too.

Oh, and thanks for letting me play your piano.

So it's already been a bit of a celebration for me today, but I just found out a couple more bits of news...

I'm in Spanish! Jimmy Coates has at last made it to Spain, and for Spanish readers there's a competition to win a Playstation. Check out the Spanish edition here.

And finally here's another chance to hear me chatting about, well, myself. This is the podcast from the Guardian that Mark Walden and I did after our Heroes v Villains event on Monday. Listen to it here.

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