Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Things

I don't often post a link to some other website, because to be honest I don't like to think of you going anywhere else. I know you do, but let's just not talk about it, OK? Let me imagine that you really do spend all of your precious online hours perusing my blog, my website, my facebook or myspace page, and every Tuesday evening at 7pm (UK time, of course) you listen to my show at www.jcomradio.net

But today I'm going to let you off the leash so you can have a little run around in the fresh air of youtube. Well, relatively fresh. Fresher than, say, bebo.

Now, don't go sniffing around where I can't see you, don't touch anything that's been on the floor, and stay fairly close to this clip, or find others that are as cute:

The greatest duet ever sung, Elmo and Tony Bennett

Two things I noticed about this...

First, does Tony Bennett really think he needs to share the microphone with Elmo, or is it part of the act?

Second, doesn't Elmo have a great voice? I'd love to hear him move into soul/r&b. Get a couple of hot producers, shoot a slick video... I can see him at the Grammies in a couple of years duetting with E-40, or (for those who don't remember the nineties) Kanye West.

Oh, and be home for dinner.

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