Sunday, September 02, 2007

Should Have Been a Cowboy

Here's something I never thought I'd say:
I'm in Wyoming.
It's been a 24 hour journey to get here, but I've made it, and it's great so far.
Very, very strange though. More of a cultural shock than I was expecting. Last night we met steer-trippers in a bar. A man in a cowboy hat said to me, 'I'm here for the Steer-Trippin'.'
We both laughed, smiled at each other. Then I said, 'What's that?'
He thought I was joking. His face was one of wonderment, disbelief and horror all in one. We both got on with tucking into our huge steaks.
On the way back to the hotel there was a huge neon sign that said: 7.45pm, 89 degrees.
So it's hot.
(By the way - that's not meant to imply that I went back to the hotel with the Steer-Trippin' man in the cowboy hat. That's definitely not what Steer-Trippin' means. It's just not that sort of place, OK?)
I'm going up into the mountains this afternoon, so you might not hear from me again for a couple of weeks. But if you do, it'll be to recount tales of horsemanship and steer-tripping.

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