Thursday, July 19, 2007

Muffin-man in Tunbridge Wells

I've got that end-of-term feeling. Today was my last school visit until things kick off again in September. I was in Tunbridge Wells to meet Year 8 (and some of Year 7, and a few Sixth Formers too) at the Bennett Memorial Diocesan School.

I learned about muffins and how they can be very dangerous if you fall in love with them and have babies that are half baby, half muffin.

It was brutal.

I also learned about the crazy headless goldfish that tried to take over the world and had to be stopped by bike-man (who swallowed a bike while trapped inside the stomach of a tiger).

All true stories, obviously.

And I drew A LOT of pictures today - horses, donkeys, kangaroos, dogs, cats, alligators and all kinds of different people that all looked pretty similar.

So a massive HI to everyone I met today - have a great Summer.

Apart from a couple of corporate events in Oxford, I've got a chance to focus on writing for a while now. Which is a good thing, given that I'm, y'know, a writer, and all.

Then I'll be back in action in late August up in Edinburgh with the stories, the songs, the drawings (and today in Tunbridge Wells there was even dancing), the rambling, the idiocy, the highs, the lows, the readings, the signings...

See you there.

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