Saturday, July 28, 2007

How Rich is Mr Burns?

I'm pant-wettingly excited about the Simpsons Movie.

It must be the only movie I've been waiting more than ten years to see. Oh, except Lawrence of Arabia, but that's only because it's so long and I just don't have four and a half consecutive free hours to watch it in.

I know that there's no guarantee it will be a great movie, even though it's one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Great TV shows don't necessarily make great movies. Nobody's claiming a movie of Seinfeld would be worth waiting for. Though I would go and see a movie of The Sopranos.

Actually, the more I think about it, there doesn't seem to be any consistent pattern in whether films from TV shows are good or bad, even taking into account the quality of the original TV show. Hmmm, here's a quick list off the top of my head, let's see what happens:

Mission: Impossible - TV series that had decent moments, made one outstanding movie, one dodgy sequel and one sequel that I thought was a lot better than most people seem to think.

The Avengers - TV show that loads of people loved but, let's be honest here, it's a bit rubbish. And the movie was... a lot rubbish.

The Fugitive - I never saw the original TV series, but the movie was great. Then there was another TV series, wasn't there? Didn't see that either. But it didn't seem to last long.

South Park - classic TV show. Haven't seen the movie, but everyone I've spoken seems to agree that it's funny for half an hour then stops being funny. This is what could easily happen to The Simpsons. I don't think it will though. I could watch the trailer for half and hour and still be laughing at the end. Homer tickles a pig! Outrageous!

Pride & Prejudice - classic BBC series in which every character seems to be called Miss Bennett. Dodgy modern movie in which Keira Knightley plays all the Miss Bennetts. Is that about right? To be honest, I wasn't watching very closely. And didn't they make a book out of this as well? Honestly - talk about flogging a dead horse.

Right, I'm off on holiday now. Don't expect much from me for a week, unless I get the chance to pop in and explain exactly how sunny it is in the South of France, and precisely which delicious foods I'm stuffing my face with.

Oh wait - one more thing. I just watched the first episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It's brilliant! Why can nobody else see that it's brilliant? It's not meant to be funny, OK? It's Chandler being serious. You can tell by the lighting. I think.

Anyway, it's really good and everybody should watch it. Unless you're not old enough, in which case you should be reading one of my books, then going to the cinema to see The Simpsons.

PS Apparently Mr Burns' fortune would be worth 17 billion dollars if he were real. He'd also be very old, very yellow and very 2D. But hey, with 17 billion you can fix anything.

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