Thursday, June 07, 2007

Project Blog

I've been a bit quiet in blogworld this week.

Has it been because the weather has perked up and I've been playing more cricket? Well, not really. Has it been because I've been totally engrossed in plotting out my next novel - at the moment cryptically titled only 'Project P'? Erm, yes. That's basically the reason. But it's not going to stop me throwing more suggestions out there.

Has it been because I have a new ambition that I'm dedicating my time to, namely winning the World Snooker Championship by the year 2015? I call this 'Project Snooker'.

While I've been quieter than usual, things have really picked up over at Forget What Did. I recommend you check it out every day this month (and, coincidentally, you can find out a little more about how Project Snooker is going so far).

Meanwhile, I'm off to Bourne, where Bourne Grammar School is about to become the first school in the country to have a third visit from me. Apart from the schools I attended as a pupil of course. I did manage to turn up there more than three times. More than three times a week during term time, in fact.

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