Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lemsip and Champagne

My head, a bucket of mud. That's how it feels. With an occasional eruption of coughing from my chest, like a tiny horse is trapped between two of my ribs. Head, mud, horse, cough. That's me.

I've had more colds in the last 18 months that I had in my whole life before then. And it's your fault - yes, you. All the students I've met in all the schools across the country. You've all been saving up your germs for me then presenting them, gift-wrapped, direct to my upper respiratory tract.

So you could say that I'm under the weather, except that the weather has been so bad I've been googling Noah to get a quote on my own ark.

But on the bright side, my sister and her new husband are off to Bali on their honeymoon today! Congratulations again, Sophie and Michael. Hope I didn't offend too many people at the wedding, or at least that I offended everybody equally.


Anonymous said...

I had to comment. I was prowling the web looking at other author websites (stealing ideas!) and your comment about going to events and kids making you sick really made me laugh.

I'm exaclty the same. I've jokingly suggested to my publicist that I should put a plexiglass screen between myself and my fans!

Good luck with the books BTW! I read the 1st Jimmy Coates and enjoyed it a great deal.

Robert Muchamore.

Joe said...

Well would you look at that - Robert Muchamore, author of the excellent Cherub series, leaving a comment on my blog. Nice one.
Looks like we'll have to launch our own brand of plexiglass screen.
(Looking forward to reading 'Mad Dogs', btw).