Thursday, December 14, 2006


As of two minutes ago, the word count for Jimmy Coates: Sabotage stands at 50,192. I'm aiming for a first draft of 72,000, then a couple of weeks of editing. Will I manage that before my deadline of January 31st? Why, it's almost as exciting as one of Jimmy's fight sequences.

I've been asked a couple of times whether it bothers me that the book is already listed on Amazon, and for sale, when I haven't finished writing it. (Click the name of the book, above, if you don't believe me.)

My answer: not really. It would bother me more if Amazon didn't know it existed.

Meanwhile, how's about this for an announcement:

**The release of Jimmy Coates: Revenge has been brought forward!**

Yes, everybody was so excited about it that HarperCollins just couldn't wait until February. So now it's coming out in the second week of January!

As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited. I'm also quite frantic - the early release means I have to do some sharp updating of my website.

And I mustn't get distracted - Book 4 won't write itself!

So I'm leaving the website for now, and getting on with the next 21,808 words.

Wish me luck.

And order my book!

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Flaky said...

good luck