Monday, October 09, 2006

I Need Your Help

I'ev just discovered that Jimmy Coates: Target is up for eviction on Book Brother.

OK, let me start again - I've just discovered that there's this website called Book Brother, where people can vote for which books they want to 'evict' from somebody's bookshelf. I'm not sure whose bookshelf, to be honest, but never mind. And then I found out that this week, Jimmy Coates: Target is up against Wolf Brother for eviction - and it looks like the vote is pretty close.

The trouble is I can't work out whether I'm meant to vote for the book I want to keep, or the book I want to throw out. I think I'm mean to vote for the one I DON'T want to keep on the shelf (whoever's shelf it is).

So I think that means you should vote for Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver. So click here and vote! (But not for me remember - vote for the other one.)


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