Thursday, September 28, 2006

Air Your Gripes - Somewhere Else

I don't think people complain enough. There's too much of this 'sit-back-and-relax, there's-nothing-we-can-do-about-it' attitude going on. Yes, you might be happier, but are you getting what you want?

I don't mean being nasty. That's just uncalled for. But you should politely and firmly make your views known - however trivial you think they are. They are NOT trivial. Tell someone about it. Not me, obviously. I don't want to hear it. But don't settle for second best - restaurants, shops, post offices, online, services. Make sure you're understood.

With emails, it's easier then ever to complain, but I don't think people are doing it. I recommend you start with the BBC - click here. They must have done something you didn't like lately. Surely. SURELY?! Think very hard. If you still can't come up with anything to complain about, start with the continuity announcers talking over the closing credits of things, and the constant, mind-numbing recaps they have in the middle of all their shows. That's a good one. And they'll never do anything about it - so it's a constant source of complaining joy.

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