Thursday, August 03, 2006

US Paperback Out Today

I have a whole new outlook on the world today. All that means is I've moved everything around on my desk so I'm facing a slightly different way when I type. I'll be exercising different muscles in my neck when I write the next book.

And when will that be?

Very very soon.

I've been planning, scheming, plotting... soon I'll be writing. Perhaps even the start of next week. It'll be the fourth book in the Jimmy Coates series. Number three is coming out here in the UK on February 5th - Jimmy Coates: Revenge. The title of the fourth book is still a secret (though I've had planty of excellent guesses - all wrong).

So how about all of you people who aren't in the UK? Well, if you're in the USA, you don't even have book 2 yet! But from today the paperback of the first Jimmy Coates book should be in all good bookshops. I hope it's in the mediocre bookshops too. It's even on the internet: right here. Except that for some reason Amazon are showing the wrong cover art. The cover to look for in stores is this:

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