Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is It Morning or Afternoon?

I'm off to Wakefield this morning to visit Horbury School, who won a visit from me through Reading Zone. I hope Wakefield lives up to its name, or the jet-lag might make this event particularly interesting...

Then I'm zipping across to Bolton for the Bolton Book Award! If you're interested, the shortlisted authors are:

Louise Arnold, for 'Invisible Friend'
Justin Somper for 'Vampirates'
Thomas Bloor for 'Worm in the Blood'
Alan McDonald for 'The Sign of the Angel'
Jeremt Strong for 'Stuff'
Cathy Cassidy for 'Indigo Blue'
and, of course, some bloke called Joe Craig for 'Jimmy Coates: Killer'.

My money's on 'Stuff' - but then, I think the Czech Republic are going to win the World Cup, so I could be wrong. The charming Jeremy Strong has already won the Manchester Book Award, though, so I reckon he'll make it a double. I would obviously love to win, but it is really true that just being shortlisted is an incredible honour.

I'll be posting here after the ceremony on Saturday, and updating the website around then too, so I'll let you know how it all goes.

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