Monday, June 19, 2006

Guess My Number

I'm not really into playing games on the internet, but I love Guess My Number.
It's quick, simple and yet strangely fascinating.
You can dip in for one quick go when you need a thirty second brain-break, or you can stay there for ages getting into tactics and strategy.
My best result so far was guessing 47 in just 4 guesses.
See if you can beat that.
You have to try it. You'll be hooked.
Click here.


marymary said...

The rational way to do it is to guess the half-way number each time, for example, 50, then if less than, 25, then if more than, you already know that it's somewhere between 25 and 50(result!).
The irrational but fun way is to mash the number keys on your computer and see what 'best' worst guess took 43 guesses!

Joe said...

They sound like reasonable tactics, but I don't think that's the way to get the best results!
I think it's better to start by guessing 67, and each time divide the numbers into two thirds (so if it's higher, your next guess might be 90 or 80). So if you guess 67 and it's lower, OK, you're worse off, but 1 in every three goes you'll be much better off and guess it really quickly.