Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Dedication

I’ve just put my writing pen down for the day (OK, yes, I use a computer, but whatever) and totted up my word count. Today’s total: 2337. That makes it the best day so far for work on Project J. Or is it Project R? I can’t remember the codename of my project. Never mind, I can remember the story. I suppose that’s more important, isn’t it?
The downside of the day is that it's now right in the middle of Saturday night, and I'm at home, on my own, working. How sad is that? And I’ve already turned down some very attractive lunch offers for the next few weeks because I know I’m going to need the time to get this book finished. That’s the level of my dedication. I want you to remember that when you’re laying back in the tub with this book. Or laying back wherever it is that you read.
To be honest, 2337 isn’t that fantastic, as writing days go. It’s just the best so far. On the first Jimmy Coates book, I had some 3 or even 4 thousand word days. I have the records to prove it. I could probably even trace which 4 thousand words I wrote on that particular fantastic day. But that was long ago. I was young then. And let’s face it, I didn’t have anything else to do.
These days, as long as I hit 2000 for the day, I’m chuffed. Delighted, in fact.
Tomorrow it’s back to the golf club to tinkle those ivories, so the writing will have to happen in the evening. Unless I decide to bunk off and see a movie – cos that’s what Sunday nights were made for.


Anonymous said...

My word count today is six.

marianne said...

Did you get to the cinema? I have a cinema date tomorrow night and need to be told what to go and see.

Joe said...

Didn't make it on Sunday, no. But I saw loads of good stuff in the States. I thought 'Cock and Bull Story' was brilliant.

James Casey said...

Do people try to put you down, talking 'bout your dedication?