Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Secret Trip

I thought I was going to have a quiet few weeks. I'd knuckle down to some work, preparefor my New York trip at the end of the month, maybe even do such exciting things as writing a novel and paying my tax bill. But I'm not! Well, I will pay my tax bill, obviously, but apart from that:
I'm off to Dublin!
Can't say when or for how long - it's all one big birthday surprise. Especially surprising, as my birthday was over a week ago now.
But how cool is that?!
I've always wanted to go. I have an image of the place: friendly people, good food, a piano in every bar and restaurant, with a raucous sing-a-long every night. And respect for writers.
Not that I don't get that here.
I can't wait to see how close the reality is to my paradise vision. Oh yeah, and the weather's always great. I might be in for a disappointment on that one.

By the way, any of you seen 'The Thin Man'? I thought it was a film noir, and I suppose it could have been if they'd cast Humphrey Bogart and cut out most of the jokes. And the hammy acting. But instead it's a comedy, and quite good. Not amazing, but good enough to watch over a long lunch.

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