Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bet He Can Fix A Light Sabre

Guess who came to fix the light in our conservatory today? OK, let's make it multiple choice. Was it:

a) Margaret Thatcher's nephew
b) Steve Buscemi's ex-wife
c) Darth Maul's Father


Quite incredibly, the answer is c) Darth Maul's Father.
And he seemed quite normal.

More importantly, of course, the light now works. This means I'll be able to tend to my precious chilli plants outside daylight hours. (These days I'm only awake for about five daylight hours, because of the stupid system with the clocks going back.)

Even more importantly, I managed to find those wasabi roasted peas I was telling you about (see below. Somewhere.). I've been noshing them all evening and now my tongue is numb. Is this a bad sign?

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