Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Away Away Away

Yes - I've been away. That was quick wasn't it? 'Cos I'm back now.
I've been on a whirlwind tour of Wiltshire, including the amazing stone circle there at a village whose name I can't remember but it begins with 'A' I think. Anyway, the main point of the trip was meeting some really fun students from schools in Newbury, Warminster, and the surrounding area.
I've been treated incredibly well for a couple of days and welcomed warmly by everybody I met - so a massive THANK YOU for that. Maybe one of you can help me with the name of the village that has the stone circle. I liked that.
We worked on some stories together - always exciting. I particularly appreciated the appearance of the army of Ninja chickens (every one of them called 'Elvis'), commanded by an elephant. And of course, then there was the boy who was about to watch TV, but suddenly found that he was wearing his shoes.

Almost as exciting as all that was the discovery that there's a Yo Sushi at Paddington Station. Plus there was a piano at the hotel in Marlborough.
All in all, the perfect trip.

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James Casey said...

That'll be Avebury, I believe.

James. Aged 12. Honest.