Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kites, Stories and a Chicken Salad

Ever flown a proper kite? I was only vaguely aware they existed before this weekend. We took one up onto Parliament Hill (that's a windy bit of Hampstead Heath, here in London, in case you don't know). It was brilliant - nearly lifts you off your feet when it's at full force.
There was even a small crowd of appreciative families whooping every loop the loop.

Stories occupy my thoughts most days - it comes with being a writer. Today I've been thinking about somebody else's story, a reader that I met on one of my recent school visits. Claudia sent me the first two chapters of a 'Doctor Who'-inspired tale she's been cooking up. It's gripping stuff! I'm looking forward to hearing how things go from now on. It inspires me to see people who read my book wanting to write themselves.

By the way, I'm back at the McDonald's in Brent Cross, playing the piano. This afternoon I concocted a couple of hours of jazz and pop. I'll be back there on Friday, from around 3pm. It's a great (but weird) way of promoting my book, and it would be working well if I could resist lending copies of it to the staff for free.

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