Monday, June 06, 2005

Great US Review

I've just seen a review of Jimmy Coates: Assassin? that appeared in 'The Plain Dealer', the biggest newspaper in Cleveland, USA, written by Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy.
I can't put the whole review here, because it's quite long; you should be able to read it by clicking here, though you might have to say where you're from first.
I'll pick out a few choice moments for you:

" 'It's an off-your-seat, hanging-on-for-your-life book,' said one 11-year-old... 'It's action nonstop. I loved it.' "
"Jimmy Coates is likely to engage even reluctant readers. It would make an inspired choice for the sort of youngster who prefers video games over books."
"As the adventures unfold, Jimmy accidentally involves friends and acquaintances in the chase. He encounters a Turkish cook with a huge meat knife; the prime minister of Britain, a svelte and smart female agent; and the prime minister's nemesis - all evidence of author Joe Craig's fertile imagination."

I'm quite pleased with that. Especially the 'fertile' bit. Let's hope the readers agree!

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