Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How Slack I Am

It's been ages since I posted, hasn't it? And that's wrong, wrong, wrong. I made it back from Manchester in one piece - it's a great city isn't it? I had a chance to wander about without it raining. I said 'Hi' to the staff in Waterstones. Nice bunch. That was fun.
Since then I've been, er, back to Manchester. I spent the weekend with my girlfriend's family. They all live up there.
Highlight of my weekend was seeing some brilliant cows! You don't get many of them in London - especially not such beautiful grey and white ones.
Anyway, tonight is all about two words: The Apprentice.
And it better be Tim. That Saira is a nightmare. You know what gets me most about her? It's the myth that she's a 'good saleswoman'. That's all she bangs on about - 'I could sell anything, me'... blah blah blah. But she's not. All she's done is sell a handbag by giving away £80 of Harrod's vouchers. Any idiot can sell a handbag if you have £80 of vouchers to give away. OK, enough. But sometimes it really gets to me...

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